for a college student who fractured his elbow riding in his friend's vehicle. We successfully proved at trial that our client's friend was working for his employer when he crashed his car.


for a jewelry designer who was defrauded by her former employee. At trial, we presented evidence of the employee's embezzlement.


for an elderly man who was struck by a car when he was crossing the street in Oakland Chinatown.


for a creditor collecting on a debt which was secured by commercial real asset.


for a 36-year-old business banker who was struck by a careless driver as she was crossing a street in San Francisco.


for a delivery driver whose minivan was broadsided by a Suburban as he was driving through an intersection in downtown Oakland.


for a postal worker who fell as she ran away from two aggressive dogs.


for a real estate investor who suffered economic harm caused by his former attorney's malpractice.


for a woman who slipped and fell at a San Francisco Chinatown apartment building.


for an elderly woman who tripped over a defective metal cover on a San Francisco sidewalk.